67% of the shoppers
shop and spend more
with a loyalty program.

(Bain & Company)

It costs 5 times as much
to attract a new
customer than to retain
an existing one.

(T. A. R. P.)

95% increase in profit
could come from only
5% increase in
customer retention.

(Bain & Company)

Flexible, customizable, and rewarding.

Increase your customer engagement, retention and lifetime value.

How it works

You issue points

You issue points for
customer actions on
your web or mobile store

Customer collect points

Your customers collect
points for the things they
already do on your
store i.e. signup, purchase

Customer gets reward

Customers spend points
they collected on
Koomalooma catalog
to earn great rewards

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Key features

Design and launch your engaging loyalty program with minimum effort.

Frictionless experience

Koomalooma’s unique retroclaim feature allows your customers to collect points even if they aren’t registered to the program yet

Completely managed solution

Koomalooma manage the program and deliver the rewards to your customers so you can concentrate on your core business

Loyalty marketing

Your offers and campaigns are made available to thousands of high spending members all over the world

Coalition program

With koomalooma you join a network of companies, your customers get truly meaningful rewards

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Experience koomalooma on our demo store

How to get started

Start designing your engaging loyalty program and launch it in 3 easy steps.

Sign up

Signup koomalooma and start designing your engaging loyalty program within minutes. It is completely free and no credit card required


Integrate koomalooma’s straightforward API to your web or mobile store back-end and add koomalooma widgets


Purchase and issue points for customer actions on your web or mobile store, boost your revenues!

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