Effortless. Powerful. Complete.

The perfect loyalty component for your store
with minimum effort

managed solution

Koomalooma manage the program and deliver the rewards to your customers so you can concentrate on your core business

Frictionless experience

Koomalooma’s unique retroclaim* feature allows your customers to collect points even if they aren’t registered to the program yet

Loyalty marketing

Your offers and campaigns are made available to thousands of high spending members all over the world

Coalition program

With koomalooma you join a network of companies, your customers get truly meaningful rewards

*Retroclaim is Koomalooma’s unique technology for frictionless loyalty experience

With Retroclaim, our unique proprietary technology,
we don’t need to ask user details until the action is complete.

This way we never interrupt the purchase flow.

We keep track of anonymous points so users can sign up later and “Retroclaim” all previously collected points.

koomalooma is the only 100% frictionless mobile and web loyalty experience.

More features

Easy to manage

Setup and Manage your loyalty campaigns from our web panel.

Keep track real-time of points issued and KPIs.
Monitor your performance and improve your effectiveness.

Download business reports.

Easy integration

Simple APIs developed for the most common platforms.
An easy to integrate widget, (no front end development needed), that allows to display the points to be earned for each purchase or for any other call-to-action.

Truly rewarding

Global Coverage and delivery of rewards.
Big brands, locally relevant rewards.

Secure “Over-the-air” delivery, instant gratification experience.

Easy to access mobile and web catalog.
Intuitive points spending flow.

History and Real-time tracking of points earned and redeems.

End-to-End managed process, no activity required on merchant side.

A truly rewarding experience for the user.

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