For Web and Mobile stores

Ideal for any web and mobile store

Compatible with top mobile / web browsers and embeddable in Android / iOS native apps

Restful API integration.

Javascript based widgets.

Easy “Copy and Paste” code generated from campaign settings to speed up integration.

Complete solution for web and mobile stores

Reward user purchases, from simple retention campaigns to “Lift”, “Shift” end user spending or other targeted transaction behavior goals.

Reward other behaviors,  including Signing up to newsletters, referring friends, writing product reviews, sharing on social media and other.

Create a loyalty program, ambassador / influencer program or incentives system.

koomalooma API can be used for a variety of B2C services such as online and Mobile Games and Entertainment, Digital Content and Services and E-Commerce.


Understand How It Works

For E-commerce Website Builders

Plugin for Lightspeed stores

Implement koomalooma on your favorite E-Commerce Platform.

No technical integration needed. Install the Plugin directly from the platform.

Flexible configuration of campaigns directly from the backend.

Retain your most loyal users and boost your E-commerce sales.

Get started with Koomalooma on Lightspeed

Other e-commerce platform plugins

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    For Mobile Payment Channels

    The most frictionless payment method and loyalty program
    meets in one single solution.

    Reaching and rewarding young segments and the unbanked in emerging markets.

    Users pay with their mobile credit with just one or two clicks.

    Users are rewarded with mobile Top-Ups (Air-time and Mobile Data credits).

    80+ Countries, 440 Mobile Operators available.

    For merchants, mobile network operators, and ISPs

    Contact us to know more about benefits, processing fees and how loyalty points blend into a single commission structure.